Lake Austin Terraced Landscape

This Austin residential landscape project was a huge challenge from a design, construction and engineering/hydraulics standpoint. In our initial meeting, the clients expressed the desire to eliminate a drainage channel that ran through the middle of their back yard while elevating the entire yard to a more level slope. To accomplish this we extended an existing 48″ wide drain pipe over 60 feet in order to carry storm water to a much shorter open channel. Once this was completed we built a series of retaining walls to match the existing mason as well as imported over 200 yards of fill, compacting it as we raised the entire yard almost two feet. We reworked the path of the existing channel to allow better planting opportunities and more efficient organization. We also redesigned several of the existing terraces and rebuilt multiple walls in order to create better spaces for entertaining or relaxation. We then added walkways, irrigation, plantings and turf grass to not only beautify the space but cut down on erosion as well.  The beach area was revised in order to reduce the amount of lost sand due to the continuous boat wakes in the area. In the front of the house we rebuilt several walls and completely renovated the irrigation and plantings. The final result is a much more spacious and beautiful back yard for their family to enjoy for years to come.

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