Hacienda Entry Landscape

For this project we designed and constructed an entry area for a hacienda-style residence in the Westlake area. The existing entry was in poor shape due to construction from a renovation. The clients wanted to create a courtyard-like space along the main walk. Views from the kitchen and lounge area were of key importance in order to extend the interior rooms outside. The existing slope towards the residence also created water drainage issues that would need to be addressed.

The house itself is extremely unique with many details consistent with hacienda archiecture. In addition to the classic architecture, contemporary doors and windows were also part of design. Using this combination of classic and contemporary, we applied the same balance to our landscape design. Instead of irrigular patio stone patterns, we decided to use geometric cut stone to create a modern feel to an irregular space. We planted various grasses and succulents within the gaps to create a lush, overgrown feel.

As urns are common in Mexican architecture, we knew they would need to be a part of the entry courtyard landscape. In order to tie the classic design tradition to the contemporary nature of the architecture we used oversized concrete urns on pedestals. The urns create structure for the landscape, allowing visitors to transition from the drive to the front door. In addition to the main urns, we used similar smaller urns throughout the courtyard.

Another feature that we included within this hacienda landscape is the custom designed and built water feature. For this fountain we wanted to keep the form contemporary while using more traditional materials.  We built the auto fill and electrical feeds within the concrete shell. Later we put a clay tile cap and pool plaster to finish. This allowed us to maintain water proofing while still keeping an old look. We fabricated the spout to look contemporary but with an antique finish.