Residential Landscape Design

If your home is a reflection of your personality, then what is your landscape?

Your landscape is like your apparel, a representation of yourself to the outside world. That is why we create designs that are uniquely suited to you.

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A Landscape Designed Perfectly for You

Just as you have your personal clothing style, the same should be true when it comes to your landscape. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach in designing a landscape but rather a unique design that fits your needs and style.

After meeting with you and taking a look at the existing property, together, we brainstorm ideas and flesh them out to come up with a vision that is both unique to you and visually appealing.

Creating Outdoor Spaces You Can’t Wait to Enjoy

Good design of outdoor spaces can make the difference between creating an area that you can’t wait to enjoy or one that sits empty. Shade, heat reflectivity, scale and how the area flows and functions can all have a big impact on how a space is used.

As designers we often break outdoor spaces up into “rooms” in order to create a sense of intimacy and privacy. Just as there are rooms in your home for different uses, we bring the home outside. Whether the design goal is sleek and ultra-modern or roving and natural like the hill country, we can help.

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Artistic Quality Renderings and Plans

Once we’ve understood your design preferences, we transform the abstract vision into a tangible design through detailed sketches and computer-aided design.

Our sketches and models will give you a highly realistic preview of what your landscape will look like once the construction has been completed.

Planting Design for The Austin Climate

Planting design in the Austin and Central Texas can be challenging. Infrequent rain, extremely hot summers and severe cold weather continually stress our plants while deer and other pests limit where we can plant them. In addition the central Texas area has both rocky soils and clay soils which can make plant type selection a further challenge.

Luckily our extensive experience in all aspects of planting design, installation and maintenance allows us to better help create absolutely stunning gardens and landscapes to enhance your home.

In response to extreme water restrictions and drought we have made xeric plant design (xeriscaping) one of our specialities in hopes of being able to reduce water use as well as lower maintenance and replacement costs.

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On Time and on Budget through Detailed Planning

Laying a thorough groundwork through detailed designs ensures that there won’t be any hidden surprises once the actual construction begins.