• Downtown Entertainment Venue Landscape

    For this project we were asked to design a landscape for a small rental venue in the downtown area. The client expressed to us that entertainment would be the focus in the back yard so we worked to design the venue landscape and lighting for the property. It not only needed to be functional for small […]

  • Mid-Century Modern Bungalow Lighting

    For the lighting of this unique mid-century modern bungalow on Lake Austin we approached the site from multiple angles. Given the rather low amounts of ambient light in the area, we tried to minimize over-illuminating the property by using a more intimate design approach. By using a large amount of downward-casting lighting, we could keep […]

  • Lake Austin Terraced Landscape

    This Austin residential landscape project was a huge challenge from a design, construction and engineering/hydraulics standpoint. In our initial meeting, the clients expressed the desire to eliminate a drainage channel that ran through the middle of their back yard while elevating the entire yard to a more level slope. To accomplish this we extended an existing 48″ […]

  • event venue landscape

    Event Venue Landscape – The Barn

    For this project we were asked to design and construct the outdoor spaces for Rock House Hideaway’s The Barn venue in Fredericksburg, Texas. Wedding and event venue landscapes can be challenging to create both intimacy as well as function for many people. Given the venue location was in an open field with vast expanses of […]

  • Farm House Landscape Lighting

    Frequently entertaining guests, this client wanted to increase the overall safety of the property as well as create additional focal points within the main courtyard. We used a mixture of spot lights and wash lights to illuminate the hardscape and tree canopies. Within the courtyard we used a Philips Color Kinetics system to create a […]

  • The Social Sign Austin

    The Social – Multifamily Landscape Design

    We were brought into this project to work with a team of designers, marketing professionals, property managers and contractors to help rebrand this multifamily property. The goal was to create a place for current and future tenants that had a unique identity, great amenities and “dashing good looks”. We did this by solidifying branding throughout […]

  • Modern Landscape Design

    For this project we were asked by the client to create a very clean and modern landscape design to work with the overall house architecture. Our design included a fire pit area, pergola with louvered shades, and a pool deck to help extend the inside living room into the outdoors. For our design we used […]

  • Hill Country Villa Garden

    We were brought into this project by the client to solve multiple issues they were having with an area along side their house. The area was subject to a lot of runoff and erosion due to the extreme slopes and new construction causing water to be diverted to the creek below. The client’s goal was […]