Mid-Century Modern Bungalow Lighting

For the lighting of this unique mid-century modern bungalow on Lake Austin we approached the site from multiple angles. Given the rather low amounts of ambient light in the area, we tried to minimize over-illuminating the property by using a more intimate design approach. By using a large amount of downward-casting lighting, we could keep the feel of the area while still enhancing the home.

The first lighting goal involved creating a functional space not only during the day but in the night as well. We employed many path lights to guide guests around the property as well as stainless steel wall lights embedded within the masonry walls. In the motor court we used stainless steel recessed well lights to graze the board form concrete walls to both highlight their organic texture but to give reference to drivers as to where the walls are located. Near the water we used a series of moonlighter pendants mounted 25-40′ within trees to create a very gentle cast of light throughout the lower lawn area and dock.

Our second lighting goal was to highlight the landscape features and create dynamic interest beyond what can be seen during the day. Along the front we used a series of wash lights on the front urns to highlight their mass while also casting textural shadows on the monumental brick wall. The circle area along the side of the house glows seemingly all by itself among the dark basalt, giving a pop of color for night-time visitors.

Trying to stay true to the high-end design of the residence, we used nickel plated brass and stainless steel for all of the fixtures to match the home’s finishes and have our installation look great during the day and the night. All of the fixtures are LED equipped which means much lower power consumption and should be shining bright for many years into the future.