Hacienda Outdoor Lighting

Along with our Hacienda Entry Landscape installation we designed and installed a renovation for the existing outdoor lighting. We started by meeting with the client to discuss their goals for the landscape lighting. While the majority of it was operational, we noticed many areas of improvement. After our initial meeting we took an inventory of the existing transformers and wiring runs. While we did manage to save some of the fixtures, most were worn out and not serviceable.

With our existing infrastructure information and meeting notes we started the outdoor lighting design process. Our goal for this design was to enhance the new and old architecture while providing ambient light for safety. In addition to the primary goals we also wanted to drastically change the perception of the property from day to night. Through a couple of night sessions and drafting work we came up with a plan that we and the homeowners loved.

The rear fountain courtyard was an existing area from the original construction. When seeing it we knew we had to nail the lighting in order to do the space justice. We approached the space using a few different lighting layers. Our primary focus was of course the fountain. Instead of just lighting the inside we wanted to get the details on the outside to “pop” as well. We used a warm light temperature inside the main basin to create an inviting glow. In the upper bowl we used a cooler color to help create some contrast. Asymmetrical lighting from outside of the fountain creates drama and shows the carving details on the exterior. To blend everything together, we used miniature fixtures around the perimeter of the courtyard to provide moonlighting through the center.

In the front entry we created a background by bathing the hacienda walls in warm light, excluding the garage. This forces a visitor to nearly ignore the garage itself, changing the perception of the home at night. The water feature, palms, and urns were all accent lighted in various ways. We installed various downlight fixtures throughout the tall oak trees on the property. This moonlight effect helped provide security lighting to the parking areas as well as playful shadows throughout the property.