Event Venue Landscape – The Barn

For this project we were asked to design and construct the outdoor spaces for Rock House Hideaway’s The Barn venue in Fredericksburg, Texas. Wedding and event venue landscapes can be challenging to create both intimacy as well as function for many people. Given the venue location was in an open field with vast expanses of grasses and wildflowers, we decided that we would use vertical elements and changes in ground texture to create outdoor “rooms” with various identities and functions. Breaking up the large space into functional smaller ones helped create a sense of comfort within the overall area and destinations that guests could visit throughout the event.

One of the features requested by the client was a large water feature that would be both visible from the main entry road as well as enhance the experience within the space itself. Our response was to design and build a steel water feature that would mimic elements of the iconic farming and ranching atmosphere of the area yet still be refined. A blanket of water pours over the main trough disappearing into the rocks below, providing both a photogenic backdrop for pictures as well as a comforting ambient sound. In addition to the water feature we provided a large gas fire pit with a circular bench wall to provide both warmth and interest in winter months. The space will be used for a planting urn location in non-winter months to keep the space functional and seasonal. The other landscaped areas are used for various vistas, seating and pockets of interest.


Rock House Hideaway