Dreamy Private Park Lighting

This was an incredibly special lighting project for us. About 15 years ago we designed and constructed an private residential park in N.W. Austin. The clients purchased the lot adjacent to their home. This allowed them to expand their available green space and create a park-like garden for themselves and neighbors. Our design featured many new trees, a semi-circular cedar pergola, seating areas, boulder outcroppings and many plantings throughout. Over the years the park has become lush and beautiful with large variety of plant and wildlife species.


The original lighting design consisted of accents on the key trees, some path lighting and a bit of wash lighting on key architectural areas. The system held up well over the years, only needing a few fixture and wire repairs due to shovels and maintenance. To cut down on electricity consumption we later replaced the halogen lamps with high quality LEDs. However after a recent lightning strike hit the electrical system, many of the fixtures were beyond repair. Instead of trying to patch up the existing system, we decided to do a complete redesign.

The design approach this time around was quite different than the first. For one the plant material, especially the trees, were all much larger. This required not only more output from fixtures but different approaches entirely. Secondly with LEDs becoming the mainstay for outdoor lighting, we could use more fixtures with different types without taxing the existing infrastructure. LED technology also allows a wider variety of color temperatures and form factors. This gave us more options for creativity and creating lighting “layers” in the design.

We chose the central red oak trees and sitting areas as the primary foci in the park. The pergola itself was lit from underneath with wash lights, creating a reflected cove look and a soft glow on the granite. We used 22 fixtures to light the large live oak in the back which is the pride and joy for the owners. The combination of accent lighting and moonlighting creates a beautiful view from their covered porch. We also used the moonlighting to illuminate pathways and tie the various features together. Lastly we used a combination of spot lights to illuminate a prized bronze deer sculpture to welcome all who visit.


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