Downtown Entertainment Venue Landscape

For this project we were asked to design a landscape for a small rental venue in the downtown area. The client expressed to us that entertainment would be the focus in the back yard so we worked to design the venue landscape and lighting for the property. It not only needed to be functional for small to medium groups of people, but beautiful as well. One of the first elements we designed was a Bocce Ball/Washers area along one of the narrow sides of the house. This allowed us to make use of an area that would likely only function as a passageway without some sort of amenity. Seating and tables are furnished to further promote mingling of party goers. We designed the areas surrounding the pool, designing the planting, stairways, paths and aesthetic elements such as large urns to help promote the overall image of the property.

Another goal of the project was to create a nighttime atmosphere through lighting that promoted a fun, eclectically posh but ultimately high-end look. We did this through a mixture of line voltage and low voltage lighting, mixing various techniques to create a playful yet stylish ambiance. Bistro lights are strung on cabling to provide ambient light as well as a bit of “Austin Style” to the Bocce Ball area. For a main focal wall at the pool we used a mixture of wall grazing accent uplighting along the rear wall. This lighting also had a secondary function of highlighting the lower foliage of the large oaks surrounding the property. Path lights were used along the main paths throughout to allow adequate safety lighting for guests. Overall this venue landscape, day or night, provides an intimate and inviting space to entertain.


Entertainment Venue