Cozy Craftsman Entry Lighting

This craftsman-style home resides in the wooded hills of West Austin. Very little outdoor lighting exists in this area but it seems to be gaining popularity. As a result, the area is largely dark with very little ambient light in the evening hours. Our client’s initial concerns were safety and security for visitors but also to increase the beauty at the entry at night. We decided to use a mix of accents and moonlighting to create a delicate low level lighting design.

As a primary accent for our lighting design we chose the gated archway along the main path. This beautiful and unique feature of the garden serves as the destination point for visitors. We used a series of in-grade fixtures to provide a beacon at night as guests move along the path. To enhance this focal point we used uplighting on the main trees within the area. These trees help frame the view through this space with an almost tunnel-like quality at night. This combination of lighting helps visitors transition from the street and public space into the lush gardens beyond the gate. Lastly to tie everything together we used a series of ring fixtures (pendants) to provide moonlighting throughout the area. This provides a soft low level of ambient light to increase visibility and add to the almost fairy-tale like atmosphere at night.