1202 Live Oak Outdoor Lighting

For this project we had the opportunity to provide outdoor lighting for a stand of heritage Live Oak trees in downtown Austin. These majestic trees likely predate the 1930’s home which now appears nestled between them. Lighting large mature trees like these can be a challenge due to their size and canopy height. We met with the client to discuss their goals and concerns as well as our general outdoor lighting design approach. After the initial meeting we did an on-site design sketch to take back to our office for further refinement.

With our preliminary design completed, we provided a rendering to the client showing the lighting design intent. Renderings help the customer to visualize the project ahead of time. To create our scene, we  decided to light the under side of the tree branches and canopy with warm white uplighting while using cooler downlighting to provide a moonlit night effect. This combination of “moonlight” and warmer accents gives a fairytale-like look to the project, providing “perfect” lighting to the space.

To create this effect we used a total of 27 fixtures – 19 uplights and 8 downlights. Through the use of high quality LED fixtures, we were able to field tune each one individually. This allows more flexibility of the design. As with all of our projects, we took special care in reducing the amount of glare seen from key areas. Glare is not only distracting but can be dangerous due to reduced night vision. After all of our fixtures were installed, we returned for a night-aim to make final adjustments in their direction, brightness and glare control. As you can see, the results speak for themselves!