Commercial Landscape and Architectural Lighting That Make Your Location Shine

commercial lighting setup

If you want your location to look stunning around the clock, it is not complete without a professional landscape lighting system.

We design and install commercial outdoor lighting systems that will give your location that “WOW” factor.

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commercial string lighting

Lower Operational Costs Through Professional Grade Low Voltage and Line Voltage Lighting

We install both energy-saving, low-voltage lighting systems to accentuate your landscape and line-voltage lighting to create dramatic lighting effects.

The lamps we utilize are high CRI LED. Compared to regular halogen bulbs, these lights are lower in energy consumption and maintenance work which result in lower overall operational costs.

Making your Location “Pop” Through Unique Lighting Setups

We install a broad range of of outdoor lighting systems: Everything from monument sign lighting to commercial string lighting.

While our underwater lighting systems add drama and flair to your poolscape, other lighting setups can create functional pedestrian areas. These setups don’t just make your outdoors usable at night but actually enjoyable while keeping them safe at the same time.

Even though we are capable of installing regular lighting systems, we have a penchant for designing lighting setups that are “outside of the box”. These uniquely designed lighting setups can set your location apart and turn it into something unique as soon as the sun goes down.

commercial sign lighting
DMX lighting system

A Lighting System That Is Good Enough for Broadway

In special cases, we even install DMX Systems, which is the ESTA (Entertainment Services Technology Association) standard for controlling lighting equipment.

These systems use same technology that is employed in major Broadway productions and light shows. This allows you to fully automate the landscape lighting setup and accurately control brightness and color so that your location looks stunning around the clock.

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